Simplified Content ManagementExtensive Tools for Web Designers

AirshipCMS is a customizable CMS for web designers. It has the power to let you create beautiful websites without the constraints of a restrictive or bulky premade content management system.

When you are done creating, simply connect all the pieces to AirshipCMS and hand your client the keys to an ultra-simplified admin portal.

Access Controls

There’s no need to give a Web Administrator all the tools in the toolbox. Keep the devs, deving, and administrators, administrating.

Devs/Designers have the power to build any design they want.

Content administrators only edit the pieces that need to be changed.


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Paper Plane


Unlimited Pages
+ Web Hosting

Create and manage unlimited webpage templates.

Hot Air Balloon


5 pages + 1 Collection
+ Web Hosting

Create up to 5 webpages. Create 1 collection (a blog, a gallery, a form with submissions, etc).



Unlimited pages & Collections + Web Hosting

Create unlimited pages and unlimited collections(blogs, galleries, forms, etc).



5 pages + Online Shop
+ Web Hosting

Create a shop with unlimited products.

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